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Physiotherapy or Electrotherapy

In the course of the treatment besides electric power the there is also a water therapeutic effect. This treatment can result in considerable improvement in case of chronic arthritis, limb circulatory and innervation disorders. This therapy reduces feelings of pain and relieves joint complaints.
The thermal water of Túrkeve & Life-energy in the water

Water quality

The medicinal water of Túrkeve contains iodide, sulphide, potassium-hydrogen-carbonate, and has a significant metasilicic acid content. The 78 C° water gushes forth from a depth of 2351 m to the surface, and is exceedingly suitable for the healing of chronic rheumatic, joint, skin- and gynaecological diseases, post-surgery rehabilitation, and the prevention and healing of chronic locomotor problems. It can play an important role in rehabilitation after an accident, since it considerably speeds up the recovery process of injuries, fractures.

The healing power of the Túrkeve thermal water is proven.

Our therapeutic department can assist your healing, regeneration with more types of treatments. The thermal water pool with sitting benches in the therapeutic building and the outdoor thermal whirlpool ensures healing 365 days a year. In all cases prior to beginning the treatments a medical examination of your specialist (rheumatological or – orthopaedic, or – physiotherapeutic and movement therapeutic, or – locomotor rehabilitation) is needed, following which the doctor prescribes the appropriate treatments.
Ask your specialist to write it on your prescription that you would like to take advantage of your treatments financed by the Social Security in the Túrkeve Spa and Adventure Bath. If you bring your clinical evidences, including potential radiographs with you, the treatments can be done in an even more concentrated way. The cures are ended with a control examination. 

You can apply for a rheumatological consultation in the Túrkeve Spa and Adventure Bath with an assignment from your family doctor at the cashier in person or by calling +36 56 361-534.

Water content: (mg/l):

Sodium 1.166 ; Hydrogen-carbonate 2.648; Potassium 13,6; Chloride 172; Ammonium 17,4; Sulphate 35; Calcium 4,4; Sulphide 4,6; Magnesium 6,0; Iodide 1,86

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