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Due to the effect of high temperature, the heart rate and blood pressure rises, so the small capillary vessels fill with blood, causing the skin to swell and take on a red color. The metabolism intensifies, so the purge of waste between cells is sped up. Those who use saunas regularly have a smoother skin, more flexible muscles, and their body becomes more resistant to sicknesses.

Sauna usage and regulations:

  • Guests may use saunas at their own responsibility.
  • Saunas can be used only by people over 18 years.
  • Saunas cannot be used under the influence of alcohol and drugs.
  • In the sauna, consumption of food and drinks is prohibited.
  • The sauna can be used only in swim suit and with a towel.
  • Bath slippers may not be used in the sauna. Outside the sauna, slippers are required.
  • Do not use the saunas wearing jewelry.
  • Guests are required to use the shower before the saunas. It is advised to dry off as well.
  • Beginners should use the lower benches.
  • Please use the sauna in a lying position only if room occupation allows it.
  • Please speak in a whisper while using the sauna to not disturb our other guests.
  • Please do not pour liquids onto the stove if they contain alcohol, strong scented essences or are flammable.
  • Pouring should be done only from the water found in the bin with the wooden ladle. The ladle should be left at the side of the bin when not used.
  • After using the sauna, it is advised to take a shower or use the plunge pool.
  • After the body cooled down, a resting period of 10-15 minutes is advised.
Large sauna opening hours: Friday-Sunday 10-18:45
Small sauna opening hours: Monday to Thursday 10-18:45 

Infra Sauna

The infra sauna is a sauna, which radiates distant infrared rays. If the body does not obtain enough infrared rays through the sun, then one can become sick and depressed.
Infra sauna main usage: reducing weight and toning, skincare, cellulite treatment, strengthening of the immune system. 

Steam Cabin - Currently unavailable

The steam cabin's trait is, that aside of providing a heat of 40-50oC, it also has an 80-100% humidity. Due to the vapor, the body feels refreshed, the respiratory organs begin to clear out, but its effects of relaxation and stress reduction are also relevant. During its use, the pores on the skin open, the blood pressure gets stimulated, the muscles relax, and the mucus of the membranes breaks up. Due to the high humidity and temperature, the usage of the steam cabin helps with respiratory (bronchitis, bronchial asthma, hoarseness, sore throat) sicknesses, as well as treating dry skin.
The usage of the steam cabin means a lot of pressure on the heart and blood circulation, so it is not advised to stay inside for more than 10-15 minutes. The heated body should be cooled down gradually, using warm, then colder water. One should rest for 30 minutes.

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 9-12o'clock and 14-18o'clock.

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