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The spa services are recommended:

  •  For the treatment of chronic degenerative locomotor disorders; for every form of abrasion: vertebra-, ligament system- small joint and vertebral disk problems, spondylosis,   spondylarthrosis, dyscopathia
  •  in the rest phase of inflammatory joint and spine problems
  •  for relieving the symptoms of chronic joint diseases
  •  in case of interstitial rheumatism (muscle-, ligament problems), rheumatism
  •  secondary joint diseases, joint complaints accompanying metabolic disorders
  •  in case of arthritis accompanying skin problems
  •  as a follow-up treatment of fractures, injuries in accidents, locomotive surgeries
  •  for the treatment of chronic locomotor deformations affecting the peripheral nervous system
  •  the pre- and follow-up treatment of joint surgery, the follow-up treatment of a slipped disk
  •  for the treatment of decalcification (osteoporosis)
  •  for the treatment of gynaecological problems 

The spa services are not recommended in case of:

  •  malignant tumours
  •  heart diseases causing circulatory disorders, vascular diseases, serious arteriosclerosis, coronary-sclerosis, after an infarct, serious varicose vein troubles, except the doctor prescribes   otherwise
  •  every chronic inflammatory disease (phlebitis, arthritis) in its active phase
  •  obstinate high blood pressure
  •  tuberculosis
  •  fever

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