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A series of exercises compiled on the basis of a precise clinical examination to reach a specific goal, which can result in the improvement of function. In a wider sense, it can have a health preserving, preventive, healing and restoring effect on the whole body.

Physiotherapy or Electrotherapy

In the course of the treatment besides electric power the there is also a water therapeutic effect. This treatment can result in considerable improvement in case of chronic arthritis, limb circulatory and innervation disorders. This therapy reduces feelings of pain and relieves joint complaints.

Swimming-pool Bath

The indoor thermal water pool with sitting benches and the outdoor thermal whirlpool ensures healing 365 days a year. Its use is recommended for the treatment of chronic joint and rheumatic disorders, as well as dermatological and gynaecological diseases, and post-surgery rehabilitation.
The recommended bathing time is 10-20 minutes.

Tub Bath

The medicinal water tub bath in the therapeutic building provides an opportunity for individual treatment. It is recommended for chronic joint and rheumatic disorders,
as well as dermatological and gynaecological diseases, and post-surgery rehabilitation.

Underwater Jet Massage - Tangentor

As a result of the treatment the muscle-tone is reduced, the circulation in the peripheral veins improves, the epithelial and connective tissues relax. The treatment is effective in case of spine and joint problems. Due to its refreshing effect it can be favourably applied to keep sportsmen in shape and improve their condition. It is exceedingly suitable for post-surgery rehabilitation.

Carbon Dioxide Bath

The gas bubbles floating in the water stick on the surface of the body thereby greatly reducing the irritability of the nerve-endings in the skin that feel the cold, this way the
capillary vessels dilate and the characteristic effect of the treatment appears. Carbon dioxide bath is the most suitable physiotherapeutic procedure in the treatment of cardiovascular disorders. Due to its vasodilator and calming effect it can be favourably applied in case of hypertension and neurosis. It is recommended for those suffering from cardiovascular problems, aortic stenosis, as well as decalcification (osteoporosis).


Uniting the water’s physical and chemical effect with a stretching and pulling (mechanical) effect, it is the most effective and most indulgent extension-traction treatment. The treatment is based on suspending the patient in water of pleasant temperature (32 - 34 C°) in order to stretch certain parts of the spine and the big joints of the lower extremities.

Medical Massage

One of the oldest healing processes of humanity. Its aim is to improve the circulation of a certain part of the body, as well as to relax tense, adhesive, aching muscles. It restores skin and muscle flexibility, removes toxic materials deposited in lower layers, and by increasing the circulation of the muscles, it increases their efficiency. Having a thermal bath prior to the treatment is recommended, since the heat effect of the thermal water facilitates the relaxation of the muscles. It is recommended for the treatment of joint complaints, postsurgery rehabilitation, and the treatment of muscle diseases.

Underwater Gymnastics

In the course of the gymnastics the body is immersed in water, thus it loses 90% of its mass. This way the joints, ligaments and the spinal column are relieved, and the
danger of injury is excluded. 

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