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Wellness - Túrkeve Termál 2024.

Swedish massage

Swedish massage with natural cream, 20 min. 2.500,- HUF
Swedish massage with natural cream, 40 min. 4.400,- HUF

Massage with volatile oil

Massage with volatile oil, 20 min.  2.800,- HUF
Massage with volatile oil, 40 min. 4.900,- HUF
Oils: Grape seed oil, Chocolate oil

Other massage

Massage for the face & de'collette, 20 min. 2.800,- HUF
Honey massage, 20 min. 2 500,- HUF
Vital massage, 20 min. 2.800,- HUF
Foot massage, 20 min. 2.500,- HUF

Other services

Infra Sauna 30 min. 700,- HUF
Sauna free of charge
Steam cabin unavailable
Saltroom free of charge
Our price are HUF, and valid untill recalled.

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