Youth Camp of Recsk

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Youth Camp of Recsk -  2022.

Accommodation Fee  
Under 3 years free of charge
1-3 nights 2.900 HUF/person/night
4 or more nights (for all nights) 2.500 HUF/person/night
Tent and person price 1.500 HUF/person/night

"Hunter" House                           
Under 3 years  free of charge
1-2 person 13.800 HUF/night
3-4 person 20.700 HUF/person/night

"Tarna" House                              
Fee for 1 night 11.500 HUF/section/night
Additional bed (HUF/bed/night) 2.000 HUF

Misc. Prices     
Washing fee
(if guest does not bring own sheets)
700 HUF/sheet set              
Pets 700 HUF/pet/night

Caravan and car/ Camper  
Person price (includes caravan, car, camper) 2.900 HUF/person/night               
Electricity 1.000 HUF/night

Our prices include the VAT.

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